More selected projects


Shared Space is a project I did together with Frank Bruggeman for Tent. and Witte de With. These two art foundations share an exhibition building in Rotterdam. In between their offices they have a common room that they can both use but up to September 2007 it didn't really have any function. Frank and me were asked to think of a solution. We made the space part office and part living room. Frank took care of the office part. He made an impressive blue shelving unit with a paper shredder and more stuff he collected from both art institutions’ offices. He placed an oversized flower container with a few typical office plants in it that for once actually looked nice. My addition to the room was an extra large beanbag-sofa made out of a patchwork of fabrics I collected over the past few years. The secondhand carpet underneath was given an extra layer of colored stripes made by melting colored duct-tape into it. The room, situated on the first floor, was given a perfect view on the front door by placing a big round mirror in a tree in front of the building. This way the coworkers of both foundations could keep in touch with the ground level and entrance without having to get from the sofa.