More selected projects


In 2007 "The Haunting dogs full of grace" (Frank Bruggeman, Simon Heijdens, Ted Noten, Jurgen Bey , Wieki Somers and me) were asked to design the new entrance area of the Museum Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam. My part in this group-project was to design the museum shop that is sharing the main entrance area with Studio Wieki Somers’ prize-winning wardrobe and Frank Bruggemans B-shaped Blue Entrance Desk. The main request the shop-owner had for the new store was, that it should have more window displays to attract more customers. The shop was eventually placed in the entrance square as if it were a small building made out of wooden and glass displays. Almost everything sold in the shop can be seen from the outside. The wall of cards gives a small résumé of the whole museum collection. On top of the storage space of the library, a wooden bench with a view on the coat-rack was made. The doors to the shop are displays that only display the inside of an anti-theft alarm system.