More selected projects


The slim office is a slim table, dressed up for the office. Though it was officially designed as a dinner table, quite a few people bought this prize-winning table, sold by Arco, for the office. To make working at the slim table more comfortable and functional, we designed a few basic office add-ons and accessories. Most add-ons have magnets in them so they will stick to the table without glue or screws.
For those who are worried about their credit cards and hard disks in combination with magnets, well.. don’t be! The only big no-no is dismantling the drawer with a hard disk or credit card still inside. When the magnets are clung to the table their field is too weak to harm your digital data. The (waste) paper-basket has a magnet in its straight part, and will cling to the table leg. We designed a matching message board as well. Right! veneered steel. ;-)

Photography by Patrick Pantze.
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