More selected projects

The first set of gloves was actually made as part of the first series of masks back in 2010. At the time I was still struggling with the technique and a glove was very hard to make, especially the fingers. These were so difficult that after being ready with the first, I decided to complete the pair with a mitten, which is a lot easier to make. Now 6 years later and fully aware of what I can and can’t do with rope I decided to revisit the gloves. A bit tired too with all the ethnographical references I receive on the masks, which are interesting, but not my drive. The gloves work better for me in several ways. For instance you don’t need a mirror to see what it looks like when you wear it. Masks-lovers, don’t worry, I will not stop making masks. Gloves are just a new fascination of mine that I explore with my rope-stitching skills. Gloves are sold separately (so far just right-handed ones).