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You cannot sit and wait for progress. Creating impulsively and reacting on the outcomes is a way to make the world increasingly better. It’s about being naïve at the right times and trying to be smart at others, having the guts to do so, despite high expectations and need for security.

Autonomous installation ‘Progress’ part of group exhibition 'Face Value' at Tent, can be seen as a sequel and / or counterpart of the more applied variant ‘Room With A View’. It's great to see that partly the same ingredients together with sketches and failures and a different setting make a whole different world. The location and demand of these exhibitions were completely different. ‘Progress’ showed connections and similarities rather than finished processes, like a mind map, making it needless to talk.

To be quite honest, the best part of the whole experience is the day after the vibrant opening of the exhibition, back at the office working on a new product. Once more it becomes clear how impulses and fun can finally have their result in a functional piece of furniture. The different exhibitions are an underlining of Studio Bertjan Pot's diverse worlds. Nevertheless there is no preference for one or the other. Somewhere in the middle feels good, we're doing well.