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Cor Unum, maart 2007, Den BoschCor Unum, maart 2007, Den Bosch

Late 2006 Cor unum asked a selection of designers to make a centerpiece for their ceramics collection. The theme was: ‘Something to talk about’. In my opinion not too specific since anything nice is worth talking about and I just assume everybody who commissions me wishes for something nice. I decided to take an older project from the shelves and redid my Anarchistic chess project, creating illustrations to go with still to be made up fairytales. ‘The Gathering 1’ is a bunny rabbit on the back of a humpback whale and ‘the gathering 2’ is a chicken on top of a shark on top of a pig.
In general quite a lot of centerpieces and mantel pieces end up as a place to keep your spare keys, paperclips and coins, so I added a big magnet inside the statues so you can enlarge the gathering by just clinging anything iron or nickel to it.