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This book was made with together with artist and friend, Tonio de Roover. It was created in the run-up to joint exhibition 'A Conversation' at Pictura in Dordrecht. One month before the exhibition, Tonio looked at my Tumblr. and noted that a large part of the pictures could have just as well been taken by him. In former exhibition "Why a Conversation Between Tonio and Bertjan takes such a long time" we have already emphasized the many similarities in our interests. To challenge him, on January the 15th, I sent him a picture I had taken in Japan 2 years ago. That same evening he responded with a picture taken in a museum in the Hague. This unleashed a new conversation that evoked so much enthusiasm, that for days on end pictures flew back and forth between our mailboxes. Some photo-replies even showed me what I had not seen in my own photographs before. At February the 5th Tonio sent picture nr.194. We could have gone on and on but had to stop, the book had to be sent to the printer.  I have always taken pictures that were difficult to explain to family and friends when browsing the holiday snapshots . But as I look at the pages of this book with Tonio’s smart replies, I realize that all of them make sense. As a picture, but also as reference material for my work.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re:... by Tonio de Roover and Bertjan Pot appears in a signed and numbered edition of 50 (h:21 w:25 d:2,2 cm) and can be ordered by sending an email to:


Below a series of photographs of exhibition 'A Conversation'.