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The more defined a design brief, the easier it is to design a product. When having doubts you just choose for the most practical solution. Nevertheless, ‘practical’ is not the best-chosen characteristic to describe ‘Stairway to heaven’. I mean; a safety-ladder lit with carnival lights hanging from the ceiling, how functional is that? The choices made during the design process are though. It all started with a new safety ladder we ordered for the studio and carnival lights we used for a different project. When they arrived it suddenly seemed like the perfect illogical combination to make. Rawness and glitter. ‘Stairway to heaven’ became a brilliant and attractive object, there to illuminate an Industrial theater-café in Schiedam (Wennekerpand). 'Stairway to heaven' is produced under the name 'Downstairs'.

Former distillery Wenneker is considered to be the new temple of culture of Schiedam giving home to a cinema, theatre, centre for visual arts, dance studio and Grand Café Wenneker.’ Interior Design by Con’Fetti, Tables by Onno Donkers-Vormgeving, QUELLE FÊTE (disco ball) by Rotganzen. Stairway to Heaven has won the first Frame Moooi Award.