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Cheap Thrills was a room taking part of the exhibition ‘Just in’ (‘Nu Binnen’) In the Dutch Architecture institute in Rotterdam (NAI), nowadays Het Nieuwe Instituut. Ten designers gave their vision on the interior of the future. My room had walls made out of horizontal blinds that were gold on one side and black on the other. They flipped every minute, changing the walls of the room from black to gold and back to black again. The bedcover was woven from 3 different colors seatbelt and when you would walk around the bed it would show the different colors from different angles. Over the bed hung an extra large disco-dome and under the bed lay a carpet that had bubblegum stains in bubblegum colors with sneaker-sole imprints. The cheap thrills just showed that not just high-tech equipment can make special effects and put a smile on your face. (Sorry for the not to clear picture, It’s just one of those things you should have seen in real)