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tricks_and_flicks_1_Lothaire Hucki_Villa_Noailles_LRtricks_and_flicks_1_Lothaire Hucki_Villa_Noailles_LR

I got invited to make an exhibition for the yearly design festival at Villa Noailles in Hyeres. The organization stated that they were particularly interested in the combination of my artistic and my industrial side. Personally I don’t consider them as different sides in me. What combines them is my approach to each matter I'm confronted with. Mostly the ideas about my products are related to how they are made. The manufacturing methods of my designs can be industrial and mass-produced or made by hand on a smaller scale. Each idea has a matching scale of production depending on the production method and other factors. Sometimes even one exemplar is enough. These small edition and more experimental pieces very often appear to be the starting point of a more industrial piece (sometimes a few years later). I decided to show this in the exhibition in two different rooms of the Villa. One being the former swimmingpool, the 'Piscine', where we build a big Mobile with lights. The other room was former squash room, the 'squash', where a world was created that pretty much shows the various faces of Studio Bertjan Pot.

Besides the Fun we had preparing and building this exhibition, it was just a brilliant kick-off of summer 2013. Thank you Villa Noailles!!