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‘TOTEM AND TABOO’ Complexity and relationships between Art and Design

30|09|2011  -  20|11|2011, Freiraum quartier 21 INTERNATIONAL MuseumsQuartier Vienna

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Totem and Taboo is an exhibition exploring the relationship between art and design. Since the 1960s, artists have been openly influenced by objects and persons from the field of design and have integrated designers items into their works, some of the best-known exponents being Donald Judd, Franz West and Richard Artschwager. Conversely, designers have also appropriated concepts and elements of the art world. The exhibition concentrates on a second generation of artists and designers active today.

Aligning itself with the popular description of design as “applied art”, Totem and Taboo takes the hypothetical position of art functioning as a close relative of design. That metaphor of “family” brought WAASO, the workgroup of authors and curators responsible for the project, to the title Totem and Taboo. The phrase was coined by Sigmund Freud in 1910, at the very beginnings of modern design. He defines “totem” as an object representing an absent relative, while “taboo” reflects a fear of incest or improper relations within the family. Though not referring directly to art and design, WAASO has interpreted the text as an appropriate model to view the relationship between these two creative disciplines.

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