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2011 - Comments Off on Font of the Loom ‘The making of’ by

Font of the Loom ‘The making of’ by

11|06|2011, Opening at the textile museum Tilburg.


Bertjan Pot presents his new tablecloths today for the textile museum in Tilburg. was commissioned to make this ‘making of’ movie of his project ‘Font of the loom’ which takes us through his process of designing a typeface that could be weaved with pixel precise fabric bonds.

Bertjan chose to use a series of texts downloaded from wikipedia and used those to weave the tablecloths with. At first view the tablecloths look a little mundane but when you look closer you’ll see biographies of Michael Jackson or a detailed description of what a Haiku is. The most important thing is, according to Bertjan, not the content of the texts but the actual letter and with this project he tries to bring across the beauty of typography with technical precision.