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Masks | 2010 – ongoing


Although seemingly these masks tell stories, this again started out as a material experiment. I wanted to find out if by stitching a rope together I could make a large flat carpet. Instead of flat, the samples got curvy. When I was about to give up on the carpet, Vladi came up with the idea of ​​shaping the rope into masks. The possibilities are endless, I’m meeting new faces every day.
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The Masks were published by Heads Collective 

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Enzo enzo.. | 2010


enzo_enzo_1_SBP_LRIn 1974 Italian hero ‘Enzo Mari’ gave out a catalogue named ‘Autoprogettazione’ which means self-designed. Inside, detailed instructions for making basic, easy-to-assemble furniture pieces using standardized wooden planks and nails. He had noticed that mass-produced furniture was starting to change people's tastes away from quality and craftsmanship, so he created simple designs to help reconnect people with how things were made. Anyone could make the furniture, or variations on them, and send him a picture. I made the in my opinion most beautiful table from the book and added my own layer on top, black and white stripes. The stripes have a nice dazzling effect that distorts the 26 years old modernism a bit. Enzo Mari was not the first and certainly not the last to focus on DIY (do it yourself) furniture. Off course there was Gerrit Rietveld, Tord Boontje and nowadays we have Max Lamb. Probably every 10 or 15 years there will be a designer or two (or more) stimulating as to go back to step one. In the meantime I would like to recommend everyone to buy Mr. Maris’ book and get busy building.

materials: wood, white wash, black ink, varnish
dimensions: h:80 w:135 d:135 cm
Not for sale.

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LED Zeppelin | 2010


I really like the image of a lightweight light, it being almost nothing. Untouchable like light itself. My wish was to create an inflatable down lighter. LED Zeppelin is the big silver inflatable bag with transparent bottom. The silver foil reflects the light from the LED downwards; the transparent foil keeps the air (blown in by a small fan) in and lets the light shine through.

materials: aluminium, translucent foil, reflective foil, ventilator
dimensions: h:60 w:150 d:80 cm
Not for sale.led_zeppelin_off_room_with_a_view_SBP_LR led_zeppelin_room_with_a_view_SBP_LRled_zeppelin_on_studio_SBP_LRled_zeppelin_on_studio_dark_SBP_LRled_zeppelin_on_studio_dark_2_SBP_LR

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Empty Seat | 2010


The 'Empty Seat' is a technical story to be continued. The challenge was to create a wooden chair without a molded plywood shell. Most chairs exist of 2 separated parts, seat and base frame. The base frame as a carrier is more important for the ‘Empty Seat’ than for most other chairs. When you glue a layer of 3mm thick plywood on top of the base, it results in a comfortable seat. We left the side panel of the frame in one piece. This makes the empty seat clear, like an empty canvas. We like the looks of the chair as it is, ànd we keep on developing it into something smarter.

materials: varnished multiplex
dimensions: h:75 w:55 d: 55 cm


empty_seat_3_SBP_LR empty_seat_4_SBP_LR empty_seat_5_SBP_LR empty_seat_6_SBP_LR empty_seat_7_SBP_LR


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Heracleum | 2010


‘Heracleum’ arrived at Moooi as a fantasy. I had the wish to light many LED-lights at the same time. I experimented with bundles of electricity wires that I shaped into a branch structure. During the development of the design it just seemed that too much soldering was required. Then Marcel Wanders had the ‘luminous’ idea to use his ELECTROSANDWICH® to make the design possible. The structure was coated with a plastic layer for isolation and on top of that a conductive layer to supply the LEDs with power. Using this technique it was possible to create a structure more slender than I had hoped for when I started the project. The technique and design are perfect for each other. ‘Heracleum’ is produced by Moooi.

materials: metal wire frame, polycarbonate lenses, ultra thin suspension wire, copper and nickel version
dimensions: h:65 :98 cm

For sales please go to:
heracleum_copper_on_WB_2_Moooi_LRheracleum_copper_on_BB_Moooi_LRheracleum_nickel_on_BB_2_Moooi_LRheracleum_nickel_on_detail_2_Moooi_LRheracleum_nickel_on_detail_4_Moooi_LRheracleum_small_WB_Moooi_LR Heracleum II Smallheracleum_the_big_O_WB_Moooi_LR Heracleum the Big O

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Pitstop | 2010

pitstop_flat_Richard_Lampert_LR‘Pitstop’ is a beanbag made for the (children’s-) collection of Richard Lampert. When I’m asked to design something for children I’m not that amused. I don’t like to get pushed in that direction just because my designs are colorful and playful. I’m happy to have taken on this project and that the outcome is so satisfactory. Pitstop is a tough-one, far from childish. To make the beanbag soft I was trying to make a patchwork of textiles with foam in between. Then I discovered that Innofa could reach the same effect in an easier way with their double-sided knits. They developed a foam-filled knitting to create the surface of an automobile tire complete with details like the tread profile, the sidewall and integrated logos knitted in a single process. A car tire in the living room seems misplaced but considering that tires are being used worldwide as play objects makes it all obvious again. Great information for parents: washable zip-off cover!

materials: black wadded knitted fabric, outside: 90% wool/10% polyester, inside: polyester, filling: polystyrene beads
dimensions: h:40 ext. :80 cm int. :33 cm

For sales please go to: , or www.designforkids.itpitstop_up_Richard_Lampert_LRpitstop_held_Richard_Lampert_LRpitstop_detail_2_Richard_Lampert_LRpitstop_detail_3_Richard_Lampert_LRpitstop_detail_1_Richard_Lampert_LR

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Fat table | 2010


There is this one-liner book for creative minds by Paul Arden, "Whatever You Think, Think The Opposite". The title of the book itself is a good one. ‘Fat table' is obviously the direct opposite of the super-thin ‘slim table’. Where Slim is a somewhat business-minded, Fat is more familial and loves gatherings of family and friends. Making the ‘Slim table’ we used a material called ‘Duramas’, a very light structure sandwich. The ‘fat table’ is completely made from this board-material. The result is: a relatively light fat (bold-shaped) table. Fat is part of the same collection as older sister slim. You can find them at Arco.

materials: top: veneer, duramas (solid/sandwich) or solid surface, legs: veneer or duramas (solid/sandwich), types of wood: ash (only veneer) and oak
dimensions: h:75 w:240 d:100 cm

Photography by Patrick Pantze.
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Jumper | 2010


When I first made the seamless chair (40 hours of felting by hand), I never thought it could become anything industrial. But when I ran into some awesome knitting machines at the Textielmuseum in Tilburg it turned out to be not that impossible at all. Jumper is a chair upholstered with a knitted woolen cover. The cover was knitted on a machine that knitted the whole piece in one go. Normally a knitted woolen cover would not make it trough an abrasion test, but by felting the cover (washing it at a high temperature) the textile became very dense and durable. Jumper was designed for the British brand Established & Sons.

materials: steel frame, wool upholstery  (light-grey / dark-grey and dark-grey / red)
photography by Studio Bertjan Pot

For sales please go to: www.establishedandsons.comjumper_grey_lines_back_SBP_LRjumper_grey_front_SBP_LRjumper_grey_back_SBP_LRjumper_grey_lines_detail_2_SBP_LRjumper_grey_lines_detail_1_SBP_LRjumper_grey_lines_detail_3_SBP_LR

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Striped tubes | 2010


The Striped Tubes are something I made for personal use. But since they turned out so nice, I made a few more. It is almost as simple as it looks, colored strips of transparent sticker stuck onto different parts of an off the shelve TL fixture. Very colorful, but the overall glow of the light is white (since all colors of light mixed create white). Prizes and sizes on request.

materials: tube light, coloured tape
dimensions: h:120 w:13 d:8 cm

2010 - Comments Off on Regent Chamber at Museum Het Dolhuys | 2010

Regent Chamber at Museum Het Dolhuys | 2010

regentessenkamer_Het_Dolhuys_LRIn June 2010, the The Regent Chamber of Museum Het Dolhuys was completely restored. Studio Bertjan Pot equipped the meeting room with modern furnishings.