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2010 - Comments Off on LED Zeppelin | 2010

LED Zeppelin | 2010


I really like the image of a lightweight light, it being almost nothing. Untouchable like light itself. My wish was to create an inflatable down lighter. LED Zeppelin is the big silver inflatable bag with transparent bottom. The silver foil reflects the light from the LED downwards; the transparent foil keeps the air (blown in by a small fan) in and lets the light shine through.

materials: aluminium, translucent foil, reflective foil, ventilator
dimensions: h:60 w:150 d:80 cm
Not for sale.led_zeppelin_off_room_with_a_view_SBP_LR led_zeppelin_room_with_a_view_SBP_LRled_zeppelin_on_studio_SBP_LRled_zeppelin_on_studio_dark_SBP_LRled_zeppelin_on_studio_dark_2_SBP_LR

2010 - Comments Off on Heracleum | 2010

Heracleum | 2010


‘Heracleum’ arrived at Moooi as a fantasy. I had the wish to light many LED-lights at the same time. I experimented with bundles of electricity wires that I shaped into a branch structure. During the development of the design it just seemed that too much soldering was required. Then Marcel Wanders had the ‘luminous’ idea to use his ELECTROSANDWICH® to make the design possible. The structure was coated with a plastic layer for isolation and on top of that a conductive layer to supply the LEDs with power. Using this technique it was possible to create a structure more slender than I had hoped for when I started the project. The technique and design are perfect for each other. ‘Heracleum’ is produced by Moooi.

materials: metal wire frame, polycarbonate lenses, ultra thin suspension wire, copper and nickel version
dimensions: h:65 :98 cm

For sales please go to:
heracleum_copper_on_WB_2_Moooi_LRheracleum_copper_on_BB_Moooi_LRheracleum_nickel_on_BB_2_Moooi_LRheracleum_nickel_on_detail_2_Moooi_LRheracleum_nickel_on_detail_4_Moooi_LRheracleum_small_WB_Moooi_LR Heracleum II Smallheracleum_the_big_O_WB_Moooi_LR Heracleum the Big O

2005 - Comments Off on Netted Lamp | 2005

Netted Lamp | 2005


A knitted lamp spin-off. Instead of a knit it was a circular net (used in the diving industry) this time that was soaked in resin and sucked around a cluster of balloons.

materials: circular net, resin
not for sale

2005 - Comments Off on Rollercoaster | 2005

Rollercoaster | 2005


Here seen trough the shop window of Silvera in Paris. 135 bulbs, 30 meter of electric cable and glass fiber rod, 120 meter of black ribbon and about 30 black marbles create this chaotic piece. As if it were an exploded version of what once used to be a chandelier.

Not for sale.

rollercoaster_TU_Delft_Rob_t_HartKetelhuis, TU Delft, Bouwkunde / foto: Rob 't Hart

2004 - Comments Off on Old Fruit Versatile | 2004

Old Fruit Versatile | 2004


This old fruit asked for a different treatment. It became the ‘Old Fruit Versatile’ (See old fruits, tops and bottoms). We made a small batch of old fruits.. but the squash season is over, unfortunately we are no longer able to deliver these lights.

materials: squash
Not for sale.


2004 - Comments Off on Old Fruits, Tops and Bottoms | 2004

Old Fruits, Tops and Bottoms | 2004


Cutting those particular old dried fruits in half and equipping both halves with a 25watt bulb make these simple lampshades. The inside has a white coating to reflect as much light as possible. The outside was coated black. They were produced in a limited edition and are sold per 2 (one top, and one bottom to make a perfect match). The squash season is over, unfortunately we are no longer able to deliver these lights.

materials: squash
Not for sale.

2003 - Comments Off on Large Fold-up | 2002/2003

Large Fold-up | 2002/2003


Constructed like a light reflective screen used by photographers, this large (110cm diameter) foldable light shade isn’t the slickest thing around but sure provides you with a nice light over a dinner table or a workspace. Formerly produced by Moustache.

materials: lacquered metall, carbon fibre, wool, metallized fabric


2002 - Comments Off on Tentlamp | 2001/2002

Tentlamp | 2001/2002


A single ten-meter long glass-fiber rod shapes the tentlamp. Although it is flirting with computer esthetics, it is totally handmade.  It was first shown during the furniture fair of Milan in 2002 but is not in production.

materials: glassfibre rod, tricottentlamp_on_SBP_LR

2002 - Comments Off on Random Light | 1999/2002

Random Light | 1999/2002


A resin drained glass-fiber yarn is randomly coiled around a big balloon. Sounds simple but it took me 3 years to develop. Now sold trough Moooi in three sizes (50cm, 85cm and 105cm diameter.) all sizes sold through Moooi.

materials: white or black fiberglass soaked in epoxy resin, chromed steel pendant
dimensions: ø 50, ø 80 or ø 105 cm

For sales please go to: www.moooi.comrandom_light_black_off_moooi_LR


1998 - Comments Off on Knitted Lamp | 1998

Knitted Lamp | 1998


These light shades are made by sucking a circular knit drained with resin onto a cluster of balloons. The shape is different every time. Sizes vary in height from 45cm until 160cm. For those who like them I still make them once in a while.

materials: circular knit tricot,resin
not for sale