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I like making prototypes. Especially the first idea of a rough and ready mock up has a charm that is hard to find in most industrially produced products. I am not the most precise and crafty model maker but I do know how to get away with my sloppiness and flaws. To not let this talent go to waste, I love making the Crafty lights using simple techniques and ready-made materials with the limited amount of tools I have here at the studio. Working this way I encounter lots of new ideas very quickly. Some may eventually make it into a mass produced product, but each unique crafty light will hopefully find a special place in someone’s home. Crafty Lights is a continuous project. This is a small selection of 2022’s production. Currently available at the Frozen Fountain.

2022-Crafty-Light-FF-3-BP-Marjolein-Fase-7958-zonder snoer2022-Crafty-Light-FF-3-BP-Marjolein-Fase-7958-zonder snoer
2022-Crafty-Light-FF5-BP-7927 copy2022-Crafty-Light-FF5-BP-7927 copy