Tiebreak | 2012

tags » 2012, plain & simple, Richard Lampert, seats & sofas


There are not that many soft-skin outdoor chairs. Mostly you bring a pillow outside to sit down into your garden furniture and then take it back inside when it starts to rain. In the net we saw the possibility to make a soft (comfortable) outdoor-chair. Our advice: Put on a T-shirt, a pair of flip-flops and give your suit and tie a break. Off course ‘Tiebreak’ can be used indoor as well. Tiebreak is produced by Richard Lampert.

materials: steel, knotless nets in high strength polypropylene, polypropylene band
dimensions: h:90 w:80 d:80 cm

For sales please go to: www.richard-lampert.de or www.einrichten-design.de