Patio set | 2016

tags » 2016, plain & simple, seats & sofas, stools, Weltevree

I like products that are made in one technique out of a single material. I guess it is so because nature does not do anything different than building things in one material and one technique. Wooden slats are a material not uncommon in outdoor furniture. In the design of the Patio set it has been applied not only as seating surface but also as the construction and as a surrounding screen that gives some shelter and privacy. Its’ seating angles are very well tuned to give small and tall people the support they need. Our main concept was making comfortable outdoor seating without adding foam. No more dragging around pillows when moving in and out of the garden. Just a blanket will provide the softness and warmth needed for a comfy seat in the Patio set.

The Patio set is produced by Weltevree.