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Skinny | 2007

arco01_08_0011 095

Not long after Arco started producing the slim table (see below) they asked me to come up with a chair to go with it. Just making a metal chair and putting wood veneer on it would be a thought to simple and a task to hard. We came up with Skinny, a simple basic chair (to go with the very basic slim table) fully upholstered with ‘divina’ from Kvadrat. The armrests are covered in a leather tube. with and without armrests. Of course it doesn't necessarily has to be paired with the slim table.

materials: seat and legs fabric divina, arms leather (from the standard Arco leather collection)
dimensions: h:84 w:52,5 d:56,5 cm, seating height 46 cm

Photography by Patrick Pantze.
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The car that keeps spinning | 2007


This fun project was created for ‘The ultimate joyride’, an exhibition by Platform21. A couple of designers, architects and artists were asked to ‘pimp’ a remote control car. When I hear the awful word ‘pimping’ I keep thinking of cars with rims that keep spinning even when standing still in front of a traffic light. I have to admit it looks fascinating, maybe even nice.. Extrapolating on this silly special effect I covered my car with small plastic windmills that, as soon it would start riding, turn the car into a whirling cloud of chrome.

Not for sale.

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Inboedel | 2007


Threes Coenders collects pretty things; jewelry, fashion, furniture and other household objects. Turning eighty in 2006, Gallery Emmy Miltenburg decided to dedicate a book and an exhibition to her and her house full of wonderful objects. The exhibition and the book showed eighty objects from her household. The book was designed by Eric Wong, written by Mariette Wijne and Mandy Pieper did the photography. I designed the exhibition. Threes’ favorite dresses were hung on white nets. All other objects were put down on a big white improvised table underneath an inflated plastic bubble.


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Shared Space | 2007


Shared Space is a project I did together with Frank Bruggeman for Tent. and Witte de With. These two art foundations share an exhibition building in Rotterdam. In between their offices they have a common room that they can both use but up to September 2007 it didn't really have any function. Frank and me were asked to think of a solution. We made the space part office and part living room. Frank took care of the office part. He made an impressive blue shelving unit with a paper shredder and more stuff he collected from both art institutions’ offices. He placed an oversized flower container with a few typical office plants in it that for once actually looked nice. My addition to the room was an extra large beanbag-sofa made out of a patchwork of fabrics I collected over the past few years. The secondhand carpet underneath was given an extra layer of colored stripes made by melting colored duct-tape into it. The room, situated on the first floor, was given a perfect view on the front door by placing a big round mirror in a tree in front of the building. This way the coworkers of both foundations could keep in touch with the ground level and entrance without having to get from the sofa.






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The Gathering | 2007

Cor Unum, maart 2007, Den Bosch

Late 2006 Cor unum asked a selection of designers to make a centerpiece for their ceramics collection. The theme was: ‘Something to talk about’. In my opinion not too specific since anything nice is worth talking about and I just assume everybody who commissions me wishes for something nice. I decided to take an older project from the shelves and redid my Anarchistic chess project, creating illustrations to go with still to be made up fairytales. ‘The Gathering 1’ is a bunny rabbit on the back of a humpback whale and ‘the gathering 2’ is a chicken on top of a shark on top of a pig.
In general quite a lot of centerpieces and mantel pieces end up as a place to keep your spare keys, paperclips and coins, so I added a big magnet inside the statues so you can enlarge the gathering by just clinging anything iron or nickel to it.

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Non-Random Light | 2007


When Moooi transferred the production of the Random Light from a manual to a mechanized one, one of the problems we encountered was making it random. When that problem was solved we decided to use the machines preference to make non-random structures. After some time the Non-Random Light was born. Not just the structure is non-random. Where the random Light was throwing it's light around the whole room, the non-Random Light lights most of it downwards due to the small reflector on top that at the same time hides most of the light bulb. Sold through Moooi in black and white.

materials: fiberglass soaked in epoxy resin, powder coated aluminium cap, material reflector: shiny anodized aluminium, white and black
dimensions: h:54 ø:48, h:70  ø:71

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Vica | 2006/2007


‘Vica’, formerly known as ‘Wieki’, was originally created for an Italian company (which I would rather not mention). My goal designing it, was to soften the look and feel of those typical 20th Century modernist steel frame chairs. Searching for ways to cover them up I intended to start weaving tunnels. It seemed that there was no need for me to do that since woven tunnels already existed in the form of sleeve-ropes used for mountain climbing. Covering the steel chair frames with textile brought them right into the 21st century where materials give extra value. The extra value of ‘Vica’ is simple; covered chair legs prevent goose bumps on bare ones. In 2007 ‘Wieki’ was adopted and renamed into ‘Vica’ by Moooi. Out of production since 2014.

materials: steel frame covered with polyester sleeve, upholstered with kvadrat field fabric on fire retardant foam; black (grey, black and yellow sleeve), grey (grey, light-grey and orange sleeve) and red (red, yellow and orange sleeve); stackable
dimensions: h:79 w:54 d:58 cm, seating height: 46 cm