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Slim Table | 2005/2006


The Slim Table was made as a birthday present for the 100year jubilee of Arco. Arco Asked 12 designers to design a piece of furniture that would take the furniture company into their next century. The first Idea I had was to make something impossible. Something already possible would not bring us any further, would it? But making something impossible is not really the easiest thing to do. Browsing through their collection I found a chair that had a wooden part, which wasn't really wood. It was a metal strip laminated with wood on all sides, so it looked like a piece of wood. It seemed that when you look underneath the desktops of most Arco tables you will find a lot of metal to keep those massive beams of wood in shape in any climate. One could say that Arco uses metal for construction and wood for upholstery. Quite a good specification I would say, because metal is quite easy to use for construction (more precise than wood) and wood is very nice as upholstery (it doesn't give you the chills when touching it with your bare skin). Having defined materials like that, the design for the slim table just came naturally. The slim table is an aluminum table laminated with a thin layer of wood. It measures 100cm by 200cm by 75 with 4cm thick legs. So in the end I did end up with something that looks impossible and ready to collapse.. Marcus from Elok made the first slim table, and did a very nice job.
The slim table is produced and sold by Arco (please don't bother Marcus with special requests regarding the slim table).

materials: wood veneer or solid surface, veneered steel, oak or lacquered ash
dimensions: rectangular: 75 x 160 x 90; 75 x 190 x 90; 75 x 210 x 90; 240 x 90 x 75; 280 x 90 x 75; square: 75 x 128 x 128; 75 x 150 x 150

Photography by Patrick Pantze.
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Cheap Thrills | 2005


Cheap Thrills was a room taking part of the exhibition ‘Just in’ (‘Nu Binnen’) In the Dutch Architecture institute in Rotterdam (NAI). Ten designers gave their vision on the interior of the future. My room had walls made out of horizontal blinds that were gold on one side and black on the other. They flipped every minute, changing the walls of the room from black to gold and back to black again. The bedcover was woven from 3 different colors seatbelt and when you would walk around the bed it would show the different colors from different angles. Over the bed hung an extra large disco-dome and under the bed lay a carpet that had bubblegum stains in bubblegum colors with sneaker-sole imprints. The cheap thrills just showed that not just high-tech equipment can make special effects and put a smile on your face. (Sorry for the not to clear picture, It’s just one of those things you should have seen in real)

2005 - Comments Off on Carbon Cloud | 2005

Carbon Cloud | 2005


Two shelving units and a bed are covered in a carbon cloud as if coiled by a giant spider. From the inside out, the carbon cloud is like a three-dimensional dream catcher. From the outside the featherweight carbon structure is a bubble hard to burst, proposing a border between the real world and a sleeping place. In the shelving a few fantasies about products are placed. A collection of squashes as light shades, a shrunken golden stool, a knitted lamp, the ‘anarchistic chess’ game and a seamlessly upholstered chair are stored as if ready to be dreamed.

As showed in Milan, in the back ground Wieki Somers' ‘bath boat’ and in the front a corner of Jurgen Beys’ ‘dust furniture’.


2005 - Comments Off on Seamless Chair | 2005

Seamless Chair | 2005


The seamless chair was made for a project organized by ‘Stichting Sofa’ and De Ploeg. They asked a few designers to come up with new ideas for upholstered furniture. One of my fantasies about upholstering was making it seamless. A small quest led me to felt. I have seen several art projects where things were covered seamlessly in felt and since most felt is 100% wool and most upholstery as well..
Regular furnitures’ woolen upholstering starts to peel after a few years and turns in to felt. As that happens its’ look just gets nicer, hopefully the same will happen to my seamless chair. Another advantage is that this chair will never ruin your wooden floor because it doesn't need those stick-on felt gliders. The proto-type was upholstered by the Amsterdam Company Van Vilt.

materials: felted wool



2005 - Comments Off on Netted Lamp | 2005

Netted Lamp | 2005


A knitted lamp spin-off. Instead of a knit it was a circular net (used in the diving industry) this time that was soaked in resin and sucked around a cluster of balloons.

materials: circular net, resin
not for sale

2005 - Comments Off on Rollercoaster | 2005

Rollercoaster | 2005


Here seen trough the shop window of Silvera in Paris. 135 bulbs, 30 meter of electric cable and glass fiber rod, 120 meter of black ribbon and about 30 black marbles create this chaotic piece. As if it were an exploded version of what once used to be a chandelier.

Not for sale.

rollercoaster_TU_Delft_Rob_t_HartKetelhuis, TU Delft, Bouwkunde / foto: Rob 't Hart