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2003 - Comments Off on Disco Dome | 2003

Disco Dome | 2003


This 70cm diameter outside-in mirror ball creates the perfect atmosphere for a private party above the dinner table or in your hallway when lit with the right spotlight.

Materials: mirrored facets, RVS or polyester dome
dimensions: ø 82, ø 103 or ø 120 cm


2003 - Comments Off on Carbon Copy | 2003

Carbon Copy | 2003


Did you ever use carbon tracing paper to get a copy of a drawing you liked or needed? Well, I used carbon fiber and epoxy resin to sketch a 3d version (strong enough to sit on) of one of my favorite chairs. More than fifty years after Charles Eames made his Fiberglass DSR Chair, it's design and construction still stands, even in carbon because of his brilliant engineering job. The prototype can be seen at the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen Rotterdam (NL) and at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam (NL). It will not be produced.

materials: black carbon fibre drained in epoxy resin
dimensions: h:79 w:47 d:49 cm, seating height: 46 cm


2003 - Comments Off on Binnen Gratis Plassen (free pee inside) | 2003

Binnen Gratis Plassen (free pee inside) | 2003


To get more people to see an exhibition featuring amongst others Maarten Baas and me in the ‘Artotheek Den Haag’, we put a sign out in the street that said "binnen gratis plassen." (free pee inside). Inside, the signs that were supposed to guide you to the toilet at the same time guided you trough the entire exhibition.


2003 - Comments Off on The Puffin Club | 2003

The Puffin Club | 2003


The puffin club was a smoker’s hideout that Tjeerd Veenhoven and I built to support our presentation during the furniture fair April 2003 in Milan. It was the only place in the building were smoking was permitted, so we had no complaints about a lack of audience.

2003 - Comments Off on Random Chair | 2003

Random Chair | 2003


The Random Chair is the follow-up of the Random Light. Epoxy drained carbon fiber is coiled over a single sided mould. It has won the “materiaalfonds”-prize 2003 and is sold through Goods.

materials: black carbon fibre drained in epoxy resin
dimensions: h:70 w:50 d:90 cm

For sales please go to:


2003 - Comments Off on Sandy Ashtray | 2003

Sandy Ashtray | 2003


The sandy ashtray was made as a prop for the exhibition “The Puffin club” (see above). The plastic mould can endlessly produce ashtrays out of sand.



2003 - Comments Off on “Huh?” | 2003

“Huh?” | 2003

Yes, this is another coloring book by an artist/designer. It’s just that in this A4/12 page book even the artist didn’t know what he was drawing. It is just there to try to get you started with some pencils, paint or whatever you would like to draw with. It is called “huh?” because that seems to be the internationally accepted term for: “What’s this?”

2003 - Comments Off on Large Fold-up | 2002/2003

Large Fold-up | 2002/2003


Constructed like a light reflective screen used by photographers, this large (110cm diameter) foldable light shade isn’t the slickest thing around but sure provides you with a nice light over a dinner table or a workspace. Formerly produced by Moustache.

materials: lacquered metall, carbon fibre, wool, metallized fabric