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Large Fold-up | 2002/2003


Constructed like a light reflective screen used by photographers, this large (110cm diameter) foldable light shade isn’t the slickest thing around but sure provides you with a nice light over a dinner table or a workspace. Formerly produced by Moustache.

materials: lacquered metall, carbon fibre, wool, metallized fabric


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Come and play (and you don’t have to pay) | 2002



This 1-day only 6-hole minigolf course was made for "Gastvrij113", a festival in which the neighbours and friends of Hoflaan 113 in Rotterdam were invited to see what is happening there. In this installation the people were playing in and re-discovering their own trash and other rejected materials.come_and_play_1_SBP_LRcome_and_play_6_SBP_LRcome_and_play_4_SBP_LRcome_and_play_5_SBP_LR come_and_play_9_SBP_LR

2002 - Comments Off on Tentlamp | 2001/2002

Tentlamp | 2001/2002


A single ten-meter long glass-fiber rod shapes the tentlamp. Although it is flirting with computer esthetics, it is totally handmade.  It was first shown during the furniture fair of Milan in 2002 but is not in production.

materials: glassfibre rod, tricottentlamp_on_SBP_LR

2002 - Comments Off on Random Light | 1999/2002

Random Light | 1999/2002


A resin drained glass-fiber yarn is randomly coiled around a big balloon. Sounds simple but it took me 3 years to develop. Now sold trough Moooi in three sizes (50cm, 85cm and 105cm diameter.) all sizes sold through Moooi.

materials: white or black fiberglass soaked in epoxy resin, chromed steel pendant
dimensions: ø 50, ø 80 or ø 105 cm

For sales please go to: www.moooi.comrandom_light_black_off_moooi_LR