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2013 - Comments Off on Buzz | 2013

Buzz | 2013

This chair’s seat is made of 3D-formed, wafer-thin veneer. The elegant and comfortable seat is supported by an aluminium tubular frame, with the material combination making the chair extremely light. The Buzz is flexible: easy to move, stackable and can be used either around the dining table or in a conference hall. To infinity and beyond..

Buzz is produced by Arco. Photography by Patrick Pantze.
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2010 - Comments Off on Empty Seat | 2010

Empty Seat | 2010


The 'Empty Seat' is a technical story to be continued. The challenge was to create a wooden chair without a molded plywood shell. Most chairs exist of 2 separated parts, seat and base frame. The base frame as a carrier is more important for the ‘Empty Seat’ than for most other chairs. When you glue a layer of 3mm thick plywood on top of the base, it results in a comfortable seat. We left the side panel of the frame in one piece. This makes the empty seat clear, like an empty canvas. We like the looks of the chair as it is, ànd we keep on developing it into something smarter.

materials: varnished multiplex
dimensions: h:75 w:55 d: 55 cm


empty_seat_3_SBP_LR empty_seat_4_SBP_LR empty_seat_5_SBP_LR empty_seat_6_SBP_LR empty_seat_7_SBP_LR


2005 - Comments Off on Seamless Chair | 2005

Seamless Chair | 2005


The seamless chair was made for a project organized by ‘Stichting Sofa’ and De Ploeg. They asked a few designers to come up with new ideas for upholstered furniture. One of my fantasies about upholstering was making it seamless. A small quest led me to felt. I have seen several art projects where things were covered seamlessly in felt and since most felt is 100% wool and most upholstery as well..
Regular furnitures’ woolen upholstering starts to peel after a few years and turns in to felt. As that happens its’ look just gets nicer, hopefully the same will happen to my seamless chair. Another advantage is that this chair will never ruin your wooden floor because it doesn't need those stick-on felt gliders. The proto-type was upholstered by the Amsterdam Company Van Vilt.

materials: felted wool



2004 - Comments Off on Carbon Chair | 2004

Carbon Chair | 2004



In cooperation with Marcel Wanders and inspired by the Carbon Copy, I made the Carbon Chair. This chair was completely hand coiled and is 100% carbon fiber and epoxy (so, no metal frame!). The pattern on the seat looks random (and the people who know me know I like random) but actually reflects the strength patter. Every point on the rim of the chair is connected with the 4 points connecting the seat to the base-frame. The Carbon Chair is sold through Moooi.

materials: black carbon fibre drained in epoxy resin
dimensions: h:79 w:47 d:49 cm, seating height: 46 cm

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2003 - Comments Off on Carbon Copy | 2003

Carbon Copy | 2003


Did you ever use carbon tracing paper to get a copy of a drawing you liked or needed? Well, I used carbon fiber and epoxy resin to sketch a 3d version (strong enough to sit on) of one of my favorite chairs. More than fifty years after Charles Eames made his Fiberglass DSR Chair, it's design and construction still stands, even in carbon because of his brilliant engineering job. The prototype can be seen at the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen Rotterdam (NL) and at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam (NL). It will not be produced.

materials: black carbon fibre drained in epoxy resin
dimensions: h:79 w:47 d:49 cm, seating height: 46 cm


2003 - Comments Off on Random Chair | 2003

Random Chair | 2003


The Random Chair is the follow-up of the Random Light. Epoxy drained carbon fiber is coiled over a single sided mould. It has won the “materiaalfonds”-prize 2003 and is sold through Goods.

materials: black carbon fibre drained in epoxy resin
dimensions: h:70 w:50 d:90 cm

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2001 - Comments Off on Molten Couch | 2001

Molten Couch | 2001


The shape of this large beanbag came from a couches’ skin. The couch without a backbone (proto-type).

1999 - Comments Off on Shrunken Stool | 1999

Shrunken Stool | 1999


This stool was made by sucking a resin-drained circular knit on to a EPS stool. Because of the forces created in the vacuum, the stool is slightly bent. This gives it its organic appearance. Formerly produced by Goods.shrunken_stool_black_SBP_LR