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2008 - Comments Off on Slim Office | 2008

Slim Office | 2008


The slim office is a slim table, dressed up for the office. Though it was officially designed as a dinner table, quite a few people bought this prize-winning table, sold by Arco, for the office. To make working at the slim table more comfortable and functional, we designed a few basic office add-ons and accessories. Most add-ons have magnets in them so they will stick to the table without glue or screws.
For those who are worried about their credit cards and hard disks in combination with magnets, well.. don’t be! The only big no-no is dismantling the drawer with a hard disk or credit card still inside. When the magnets are clung to the table their field is too weak to harm your digital data. The (waste) paper-basket has a magnet in its straight part, and will cling to the table leg. We designed a matching message board as well. Right! veneered steel. ;-)

materials: oak or lacquered ash, veneered steel magnets
dimensions: privacy panel: 170 x 28 / 190 x 28 / 220 x 28 / 260 x 28; magnetic board: 120 x 84; bin: 27 x 35 x 27; pen tray: 10 x 8 x 8; lade: 6 x 50 x 34; cable tray: 10 x  39 x 22

Photography by Patrick Pantze.
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2008 - Comments Off on Museum Shop – Museum Boijmans van Beuningen | 2008

Museum Shop – Museum Boijmans van Beuningen | 2008


In 2007 "The Haunting dogs full of grace" (Frank Bruggeman, Simon Heijdens, Ted Noten, Jurgen Bey , Wieki Somers and me) were asked to design the new entrance area of the Museum Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam. My part in this group-project was to design the museum shop that is sharing the main entrance area with Studio Wieki Somers’ prize-winning wardrobe and Frank Bruggemans B-shaped Blue Entrance Desk. The main request the shop-owner had for the new store was, that it should have more window displays to attract more customers. The shop was eventually placed in the entrance square as if it were a small building made out of wooden and glass displays. Almost everything sold in the shop can be seen from the outside. The wall of cards gives a small résumé of the whole museum collection. On top of the storage space of the library, a wooden bench with a view on the coat-rack was made. The doors to the shop are displays that only display the inside of an anti-theft alarm system.







2007 - Comments Off on The car that keeps spinning | 2007

The car that keeps spinning | 2007


This fun project was created for ‘The ultimate joyride’, an exhibition by Platform21. A couple of designers, architects and artists were asked to ‘pimp’ a remote control car. When I hear the awful word ‘pimping’ I keep thinking of cars with rims that keep spinning even when standing still in front of a traffic light. I have to admit it looks fascinating, maybe even nice.. Extrapolating on this silly special effect I covered my car with small plastic windmills that, as soon it would start riding, turn the car into a whirling cloud of chrome.

Not for sale.

2007 - Comments Off on The Gathering | 2007

The Gathering | 2007

Cor Unum, maart 2007, Den Bosch

Late 2006 Cor unum asked a selection of designers to make a centerpiece for their ceramics collection. The theme was: ‘Something to talk about’. In my opinion not too specific since anything nice is worth talking about and I just assume everybody who commissions me wishes for something nice. I decided to take an older project from the shelves and redid my Anarchistic chess project, creating illustrations to go with still to be made up fairytales. ‘The Gathering 1’ is a bunny rabbit on the back of a humpback whale and ‘the gathering 2’ is a chicken on top of a shark on top of a pig.
In general quite a lot of centerpieces and mantel pieces end up as a place to keep your spare keys, paperclips and coins, so I added a big magnet inside the statues so you can enlarge the gathering by just clinging anything iron or nickel to it.

2006 - Comments Off on I love wasting ink! | 2006

I love wasting ink! | 2006


For the 2006 Tokyo design fair quite a few designers were asked to make a little stamp that visitors of the fair could use to decorate a clear white plastic bag.
The theme of the stamps had to be ‘love’ and the profit of the whole project was used to pay for the ‘green’ power (CO2-neutral) to power the fair.
More about this you can find at the designboom website.

2006 - Comments Off on Graffiti for beginners | 2006

Graffiti for beginners | 2006


Domestic is a company in France that sells stickers as an alternative for wallpaper. One of the ideas I carried out for them is ‘Graffiti for beginners’. It allows you to create your own graffiti-style wallpaper without the toxic fumes of a spray-can. To get an idea of the size, the sticker sheets (all 4 of them) are about 50x50cm and the artwork pictured here is about 120x 200cm. (it works great on windows too!!)

Out of production.


2006 - Comments Off on Architecture for beginners | 2006

Architecture for beginners | 2006


Another sticker concept I did for Domestic, is Architecture for beginners. It is a 2d version of the 3D Building blocks we used to play with as kids (and some of us still do). By pasting one sticker over the other you can ‘stack’ the blocks, creating buildings, cranes, robots, etc. All 3 sheets of stickers were used to create the artwork above.

Out of production.


2005 - Comments Off on Carbon Cloud | 2005

Carbon Cloud | 2005


Two shelving units and a bed are covered in a carbon cloud as if coiled by a giant spider. From the inside out, the carbon cloud is like a three-dimensional dream catcher. From the outside the featherweight carbon structure is a bubble hard to burst, proposing a border between the real world and a sleeping place. In the shelving a few fantasies about products are placed. A collection of squashes as light shades, a shrunken golden stool, a knitted lamp, the ‘anarchistic chess’ game and a seamlessly upholstered chair are stored as if ready to be dreamed.

As showed in Milan, in the back ground Wieki Somers' ‘bath boat’ and in the front a corner of Jurgen Beys’ ‘dust furniture’.


2004 - Comments Off on City Structures | 2004

City Structures | 2004


In the summer of 2004 I spent 3 months in the European ceramic work center in Den Bosch playing with clay, shapes and moulds. This resulted in a few vases and some other objects that where presented in the exhibition ‘A fine mess.’ at Brutto Gusto in Rotterdam. This is one of the 3 projects I did during this period.

Three vases that try to explain terms used for city structures (left to right):
Agglomeration Vase - one big vase confiscated smaller surrounding vases.
Conglomeration Vase - small vases stuck together creating one new big vase
Vinex Vase - a vase with its own vinex-location* in the shape of a small cancer,

(*Large outer city areas with massive new housing development, if you're not Dutch, don't even try getting it)

Not for sale.

2004 - Comments Off on Excavated Vase | 2004

Excavated Vase | 2004


In the summer of 2004 I spent 3 months in the European ceramic work center in Den Bosch playing with clay, shapes and moulds. This resulted in a few vases and some other objects that where presented in the exhibition ‘A fine mess.’ at Brutto Gusto in Rotterdam. This is one of the 3 projects I did during this period.

The shape of this vase was dug out with a chisel and a plaster scraper in two blocks of plaster that served as a mould later on.
So instead of making a positive first and then trying to cast a mould, this vase skipped that part in the normal ceramic production process.

Not for sale.

2004 - Comments Off on Tiger Vase | 2004

Tiger Vase | 2004


In the summer of 2004 I spent 3 months in the European ceramic work center in Den Bosch playing with clay, shapes and moulds. This resulted in a few vases and some other objects that where presented in the exhibition ‘A fine mess.’ at Brutto Gusto in Rotterdam. This is one of the 3 projects I did during this period. I've seen vases with tigers printed on them, I've seen vases with a tiger skin pattern, but I never saw a tiger jumping through a vase. I tried to freeze that action I never saw.

2004 - Comments Off on Anarchistic Chess | 2004

Anarchistic Chess | 2004


These plaster-dipped sculptures are made in the European Ceramic Work center as well. Together they form ‘Anarchistic Chess’, which is a contradiction in terminus itself of course. "Chess without rules? Come on!!" I see them as very nice material samples that still have to find their use. Maybe some day you'll find something else from my hand that has the same feel, look and/or production technique, but I don't know what yet. In the mean time I am open to suggestions and you will have to do with these.



2003 - Comments Off on Disco Dome | 2003

Disco Dome | 2003


This 70cm diameter outside-in mirror ball creates the perfect atmosphere for a private party above the dinner table or in your hallway when lit with the right spotlight.

Materials: mirrored facets, RVS or polyester dome
dimensions: ø 82, ø 103 or ø 120 cm


2003 - Comments Off on Sandy Ashtray | 2003

Sandy Ashtray | 2003


The sandy ashtray was made as a prop for the exhibition “The Puffin club” (see above). The plastic mould can endlessly produce ashtrays out of sand.



2003 - Comments Off on “Huh?” | 2003

“Huh?” | 2003

Yes, this is another coloring book by an artist/designer. It’s just that in this A4/12 page book even the artist didn’t know what he was drawing. It is just there to try to get you started with some pencils, paint or whatever you would like to draw with. It is called “huh?” because that seems to be the internationally accepted term for: “What’s this?”