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2011 - Comments Off on Zwervende tentoonstelling; ‘Why a conversation between Tonio and Bertjan takes such a long time’, Schieblock | 2011

Zwervende tentoonstelling; ‘Why a conversation between Tonio and Bertjan takes such a long time’, Schieblock | 2011


‘Zwervende Tentoonstelling’, an exhibition held during Art Rotterdam and Object Rotterdam, brings art to unusual & unexpected locations. Laboratory for urban development, ‘Schieblock’ temporarily transformed from an office building into an installation where my work met with that of Artist Tonio de Roover. Tonio creates a deeper layer in his work, he searches. Me, I sort of run into things. Despite our different approaches, the ou

tcome of our work often looks alike. That’s why we took the challenge to make this exhibition together. At first we tried to create a work together especially for the exhibition but we ended up just talking endlessly about our mutual interests, influences and fascinations. As we both like confusion, we decided to fill a room with our stuff where it is hard to distinguish which work is whose. The question: “What is art and what design?” became irrelevant, more important was: “Does it appeal to me / is it good?”




2005 - Comments Off on Cheap Thrills | 2005

Cheap Thrills | 2005


Cheap Thrills was a room taking part of the exhibition ‘Just in’ (‘Nu Binnen’) In the Dutch Architecture institute in Rotterdam (NAI). Ten designers gave their vision on the interior of the future. My room had walls made out of horizontal blinds that were gold on one side and black on the other. They flipped every minute, changing the walls of the room from black to gold and back to black again. The bedcover was woven from 3 different colors seatbelt and when you would walk around the bed it would show the different colors from different angles. Over the bed hung an extra large disco-dome and under the bed lay a carpet that had bubblegum stains in bubblegum colors with sneaker-sole imprints. The cheap thrills just showed that not just high-tech equipment can make special effects and put a smile on your face. (Sorry for the not to clear picture, It’s just one of those things you should have seen in real)

2005 - Comments Off on Carbon Cloud | 2005

Carbon Cloud | 2005


Two shelving units and a bed are covered in a carbon cloud as if coiled by a giant spider. From the inside out, the carbon cloud is like a three-dimensional dream catcher. From the outside the featherweight carbon structure is a bubble hard to burst, proposing a border between the real world and a sleeping place. In the shelving a few fantasies about products are placed. A collection of squashes as light shades, a shrunken golden stool, a knitted lamp, the ‘anarchistic chess’ game and a seamlessly upholstered chair are stored as if ready to be dreamed.

As showed in Milan, in the back ground Wieki Somers' ‘bath boat’ and in the front a corner of Jurgen Beys’ ‘dust furniture’.


2003 - Comments Off on Binnen Gratis Plassen (free pee inside) | 2003

Binnen Gratis Plassen (free pee inside) | 2003


To get more people to see an exhibition featuring amongst others Maarten Baas and me in the ‘Artotheek Den Haag’, we put a sign out in the street that said "binnen gratis plassen." (free pee inside). Inside, the signs that were supposed to guide you to the toilet at the same time guided you trough the entire exhibition.


2003 - Comments Off on The Puffin Club | 2003

The Puffin Club | 2003


The puffin club was a smoker’s hideout that Tjeerd Veenhoven and I built to support our presentation during the furniture fair April 2003 in Milan. It was the only place in the building were smoking was permitted, so we had no complaints about a lack of audience.

2002 - Comments Off on Come and play (and you don’t have to pay) | 2002

Come and play (and you don’t have to pay) | 2002



This 1-day only 6-hole minigolf course was made for "Gastvrij113", a festival in which the neighbours and friends of Hoflaan 113 in Rotterdam were invited to see what is happening there. In this installation the people were playing in and re-discovering their own trash and other rejected materials.come_and_play_1_SBP_LRcome_and_play_6_SBP_LRcome_and_play_4_SBP_LRcome_and_play_5_SBP_LR come_and_play_9_SBP_LR